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Jun 04 2013

And so it begins!

Today is the first day of induction! I move into the dorms at Oklahoma City University in about an hour. I initially made this blog with the intention of writing long detailed posts about every step of the way, but I think more realistically this will be a place for quick updates (hopefully frequent).

Even before I got accepted into TFA my family had plans to come to OKC last weekend for my cousins high school graduation. So all that changed was instead of flying my mom, brother, and I drove the nine hours from Colorado Friday in my little Civic full of all the clothes, shoes, and other things I needed for induction and institute. My cousins big graduation dinner was the same night we got in and since Oklahomas weather has been a little moody we ended up spending an hour of it in the basement of the country club. But other than that everything went fabulously this weekend. Driving my mom and brother to the airport Sunday was a little sad but I’ve spent the last couple of days with my cousins and grandparents, getting to know the city and running a couple of errands.

I’m excited for my first day of induction! (My mom and I have been calling it summer camp so I’ll probably refer to it as that most of the time!)

My brother and I waiting out a tornado during dinner in the basement of a country club

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